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About Digestive Disease Associates, Inc (DDAI) The Digestive Disease Associates, Inc (DDAI) is a medical center which is conveniently located in the heart of San Diego serving our patients for several years. We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for our patients with digestive disorders. We are focused on presentation, diagnosis and treatment.

Why choose DDAI?

Our physicians have a total of 26 years of specialized gastroenterology experience. We provide routine and emergency gastroenterology services in the San Diego, National City, And South Bay Areas We can address all your digestive health needs: etc.. Our dedicated staff can provide access to new and emerging therapies. Our medical assistants work closely with the physicians to ensure your digestive health needs are met with competence, courtesy and timeliness. We are easy to find.

The latest technology – to serve you better:


We have state-of-the art High Definition endoscopic equipment to aid in your diagnosis and treatment. The day of your procedure, you and your referring doctor get a report of the procedure findings. Our equipment belongs to us. That means we take a personal interest in the maintenance and upgrading of that equipment. Our equipment is cleaned and maintained by competent staff, using the latest standards and technology. We are continually upgrading to provide you with the latest advances.


We are proud of our quality:

Our patients rate their overall experience 98%, excellent, in our satisfaction surveys.

Medical Records:

When you visit our office your health information will be placed in our electronic medical record. This means up-to-the minute information will always be available to your physician. Also, we can get the results of your visit to your other physicians quickly and accurately.

We can provide the latest technologically advanced treatment options, such as capsule endoscopy. Our support staff can assist with your prescription renewals, scheduling, and diagnostic testing through our state-of-the- art computer systems.

We ensure your information is safe by strictly maintaining compliance with privacy legislation and data security standards.

Patient Comments:

“Everything has been excellent from admission, pre-procedure and post procedure. You are all great”

“Everyone was very nice and professional, thank you for your hard work so others can stay healthy”

“Thank you so much! When a person has pain and they don’t know why, its stressful. Your staff was concerned, motherly yet professional”

“This office should be a role model for all others”



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